Marci Nault


The Lake House ~ A Novel

Achingly tender, yet filled with laughter, The Lake House brings to life the wide range of human emotions and the difficult journey from heartbreak to healing.

VICTORIA ROSE. Fifty years before, a group of teenage friends promised each other never to leave their idyllic lakeside town. But the call of Hollywood and a bigger life was too strong for Victoria . . . and she alone broke that pledge. Now she has come home, intent on making peace with her demons, even if her former friends shut her out. Haunted by tragedy, she longs to find solace with her childhood sweetheart, but even this tender man may be unable to forgive and forget.

HEATHER BREGMAN. At twenty-eight, after years as a globe-trotting columnist, she’s abandoned her controlling fiancé and their glamorous city life to build one on her own terms. Lulled by a Victorian house and a gorgeous locale, she’s determined to make the little community her home. But the residents, fearful of change and outsiders, will stop at nothing to sabotage her dreams of lakeside tranquility.

As Victoria and Heather become unlikely friends, their mutual struggle to find acceptance—with their neighbors and in their own hearts—explores the chance events that shape a community and offer the opportunity to start again.

Marci Nault hails from a town not too far from Lake Nagog in Massachusetts. Today she can be found figure skating, salsa dancing, hiking and wine tasting around her home in California. Read more...

    The original idea for The Lake House came to me in a dream. I’d been living in California, in an apartment I hated, desperately searching for a home. While visiting family in Massachusetts I had a dream that I’d found my perfect lakeside home and I bought it without hesitation. When I moved in I realized everyone was over the age of seventy. I woke and knew that I had to write this story.

   The Lake House began as a comedy, but as the characters revealed their stories the book became about the desperate need for second chances and finding home in the most unlikely place. It’s about friendship and falling in love even when you think the opportunity has passed.

Marci Nault

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