Marci Nault


"Intensely romantic, sexy, and brilliantly written. Pack a bathing suit and get ready to fall in love with The Lake House."

Rebecca Serle author of When You Were Mine”

"A richly textured novel about love, friendship and second chances that spans generations. Marci Nault's writing is as uplifting and sparkling as a fresh water lake in summer. Nault is a writer to watch!"

New York Times Bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe

From The Lake House

“Marriage is about unconditional love and acceptance. It’s the place where you’re beautiful whether you’re wearing a dress or sitting around in a bathrobe. It’s about a life of laughter and holding each other up through heartache. If that’s not what your relationship was going to be, then you did the right thing by leaving,” Victoria said.

Heather laughed, “I’m sorry, but that’s your generations. Fairy tales and happily ever after doesn’t exist anymore. Success - financial security - is the only way I’ll feel safe.”

“Heather, take it from an old woman, success doesn’t create safety.”

Heather handed Victoria the cup and blanket. “Thanks for the coffee and chocolate, but I need to go. You can’t understand.” She walked to her house, closed the door, and shut off the lights.

Victoria looked to Heather’s house and thought, The question, Heather, is how do I make you understand?

Marci Nault hails from a town not too far from Lake Nagog in Massachusetts. Today she can be found figure skating, salsa dancing, hiking and wine tasting around her home in California. Read more...

Wonderful warmth fills the page of this tender, and in parts, tragic story. Nault touches on a range of human emotions as expressed through sincere, sympathetic well-developed characters. Using beautiful language and poignant storytelling she tells the story of an unlikely friendship and what it means to go back home and reconcile with the past. Her story delves deep into the heart and reveals all that can reside within. RT Book Review

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